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Cirrus Landings - Cirrus SR20 Landing OWD 5-1-10.mov

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This video shows a less-than-perfect approach and landing at Norwood, MA. Because we can all learn from the good and the bad, and since I ended up with a nice landing, I thought it would be worth sharing. This was my return landing after the UCAP brunch meet-up at Nashua's Boire Field on Saturday, May 1, 2010. Although you will hear me mention that this was a normal approach and landing, looking at the video, I really was positioned too close to the runway on the downwind. You'll see me begin to correct for this at one point early (0:08) by banking to the right. Where I get behind the plane however is on base. I'm working everything to try to get the speeds right and the flaps in of course, but I was clearly carrying too much speed early. To slow down a bit so I could get the final notch of flaps in, you'll see me pitch up on final (1:48), just before I comment that I am ridiculously high. Of course if I'd managed the speeds better early, put flaps in on base and kept losing altitude, I wouldn't have been in that position. So on final I ended up high and fast and I had to make some adjustments (see my dramatic pitch angle at 1:55.) You'll see the camera shake a bit on final at about 2:00. This was when I put in a bit of a slip, being mindful of my airspeed in the Cirrus. Between that and the Cirrus' ability to drop quickly while at idle, I did get rid of a lot of that altitude, but carried more speed than I usually like across the threshold. The whole time of course I was...

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